What To Focus On Next Year- Homeschooling Basics

What To Focus On Next Year- Homeschooling Basics

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How To Get A Child To Listen

We all know by now that parenting techniques and and matters of discipline evolve. We are not bringing up our kids in exactly the same way that our own parents did. If you want to know how to get kids to listen, you need to understand that this problem is not exclusive to parenting, but is a general persuasion issue. If you have persuasion and influence skills, getting your kids to listen to you will be a walk in the park.

Ball Games for Kids Groups (Everything From Dodgy Ball to Crab Football)

Here are 11 simple game Ideas to play with your Kids Group. Have lots of fun and make sure you have enough leaders and a clear space to play the games in!

Games Planning for Kids Groups – Things to Consider

Games break down barriers, develop group identity and give opportunities for endless fun. But although they look simple and easy to run, there are things that a leader should prepare and bear in mind.

Icebreaker Games for Kids Groups

Are you in need of some simple and easy games for when the Children arrive at your Club/Group? Look no further, as I share with you 6 games with full descriptions.

7 Things Teenagers Can Do To Earn More Respect and Responsibilities

Do you feel like you’re not respected and that you are constantly being treated like a little kid? Do you feel like your parents are always on your case and nag you constantly? Do you feel like you’ve grown-up a lot and want to be treated accordingly? Read this article to learn how to start improving your situation immediately. This article will provide you with seven things you can do to earn more respect and responsibilities as you transition into adulthood.

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