Spooky October Reading Vlog | Part 1

Spooky October Reading Vlog | Part 1

Come along with me while I read spooky books during the first half of October!

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Summer Camp Benefits – 5 Reasons Why Summer Camp Is a Great Opportunity

Summer camp can be a scary thing to send children on. To put your mind at ease, here are five reasons why summer camp is a great opportunity for kids.

Preferred Swiss Army Knives for Kids

Swiss Army knives are typically associated with adults. However, children and pre-teens also use them especially during scouting activities, camping and other school activities. Here are some of the best Swiss Army knives that are perfect for children.

The Advantages of Using a 4 in 1 Bed for Your Toddler

The 4 in 1 bed for toddlers is instantly growing in popularity these days. Because of its incredible functions, countless number of parents are now switching from conventional cribs to 4 in 1 toddler bed. You might have heard about this latest baby product already, but do you have any idea how the thing really works?

Big Picture – Little Things

I looked long at the face of my child. She was right. What was in that sack was something else. Molly had given me her treasures, all that a 7 year old held dear. ‘Love in a paper sack’ and I had missed it. Not only missed it but I had thrown it into the waste paper basket because there wasn’t anything in there that I needed. Dear God! It was the first and the last time that I felt my ‘daddy-permit’ was about to run out. It was a long trip back to the office but there was nothing else to be done. So I went, the pilgrimage of a penitent. Just ahead of the janitor, I picked up the waste basket and poured out the contents on my desk. After washing the mustard off the dinosaur and spraying the whole thing with dirt freshener to kill the smell of onions, I carefully smoothed out the wadded ball of brown paper into a semi functional bag, put the treasure inside and carried the whole thing home.

The Greatest Story Never Told – My Purpose In Life

Many of you need to know that you are unique and have something that everyone else needs. You need to know that there is a reason/ purpose for your life and no one can do what you were born to do, the way that only you can do it.

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