Reading Vlog: I read The Outsiders and a Gender-Flipped reimagining!

Reading Vlog: I read The Outsiders and a Gender-Flipped reimagining!

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I wrote a book! Learn how you can use Charlotte Mason’s theories of home education in your modern homeschool!

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Your Child’s Success Is Up To You

What you can do as parents to help your child succeed in the 21st century. How to get your child off the video games and into a creative thinking activity.

The Benefits of Educational Videos for Kids

Every child learns best in a different way. One of the ways children can easily learn is through watching videos. This is why some websites that offer educational resources for parents and teachers to use with children offer educational videos for kids to help them understand various concepts.

Safety In Our Schools Using An Older Alarm System

What can we do to further protect our children while at school, using something we already have but need to modify, or need to create a new system of protection. We need to update our thinking because we have a relatively new enemy.

Youth Enterprise – Teaching Teens to Be Entrepreneurial

It has been interesting to note on the kids’ journeys, that it is actually easier to introduce a different mindset around money to children who are younger than it is to teenagers or older children. Why would teaching youth enterprise be so challenging? Well, the answer is simple really.

5 Tips To Make The First Day Of School Easier On Your Little One

Is your little one soon heading off to a “first day at school” – here’s five tips to make going to big school a little easier. Abate those first day of prep nerves by preparing your child for what it’s going to be like, and equipping them with a few home comforts if it all gets a little bit scary!

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