Read Aloud Book Club Unboxing | December 2021

Read Aloud Book Club Unboxing | December 2021

Check out what you’ll get in the December Read Aloud Book Club pack!

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Let Him Down Not So Gently

This article is about knowing when that it is okay to break up with someone and that no-one should ever feel guilty into being with someone. The article talks about respecting yourself as a teenager and having the courage and the strength to know that you deserve only the very best.

KNOW When To Say NO

This article is about teaching girls how to KNOW when to say No and to realize that they have a right to say NO because they deserve respect at all times. In order to have respect and to be a true self leader you first must respect yourself. The best way to gain respect is by knowing how to say NO.

Weight Loss For Teen Girls: 5 Quick Appetite Tips

This article looks at an immediate fix for being hungry at school or anywhere you might be that has unfriendly to your diet food. There are 5 quick appetite tips.

Is It Hard to Find Kids Activities?

MummyPages has wonderful ideas for things to do with the children. You will find a treasure trove of kids activities and things to do with the kids.

How to Find Easy Guitar Lessons for Your Kids

If you want to give your kids a chance to learn skills on playing a guitar, you need to search for the best lessons just like when you choose educational programs to them. What is good about starting the exact lessons to play this kind of instrument during childhood is that kids learn faster.

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