Note Taking Issues- Writing Concerns

Note Taking Issues- Writing Concerns

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A Few Reasons Why Adult Navy Bibs Have Become So Popular Nowadays

When you hear somebody mention bibs, you immediately tend to think about bibs as in baby bibs. If someone said they want to buy a navy bib, many people would simply assume that they have a baby boy.

The Physical Benefits of Outdoor Activity For Kids

What are the physical benefits of outdoor activity for kids? This article examines five. If you work with children please take them to heart.

How Do You React When Your Child Is Angry?

Anger may be a defense to avoid other feelings and is associated with low self-esteem, but how do you react when your child is angry? Anger is a normal emotion and just like other emotions, it is necessary to express this emotion too.

High Self-Esteem In Teens Leads To Courage and Wise Choices

Courage comes from a belief in yourself: that regardless of any particular outcome, you are a loveable, capable, giving person who has a good chance to succeed. And when you don’t succeed, you look inward for a belief that you are more than just your achievements, that there is something worthwhile about you just because you are yourself. This belief-which we call self-esteem-helps motivate our kids to continue to work hard for good grades even after they’ve received a low one. It gives them the confidence to say “no” to friends when they’re asked to do things they know they should stay away from, such as being invited to use drugs, alcohol or to smoke.

Teaching The Way The Brain Learns

Humans think in patterns. Whenever lesson plans include a sensory experience via any number of tools for teaching, the brain immediately filters it through past experiences and categorizes it as familiar concept or a new one.

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