My November TBR

My November TBR

Once again, I show you a stack of books I probably won’t read this month. 😉

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The Power of The Toys

Have you ever noticed the eye movement of an infant girl or a boy when dangling a Barbie or a toy soldier? There is a preference for sex-typical toys. This sex-stereotype affinity is found in animals too. This suggests that the man-toy relationship is a primitive trait carried forward to this day through the genes. Toys play a vital role in a child’s development.

Technology Motivates Our Kids to Organize

Suggestions for selecting the most effective organizational app for your child. It is essential for parents to follow the guidelines.

How to Strengthen Your Child’s Auditory Memory Skills

Need some help with auditory memory skills? Here is a list of very easy do it at home activities that you can practice throughout the day with your child.

Discipline Is Not Punishment

Discipline is not Punishment, Punishment is not Discipline… This is an important distinction, but I think it has been lost in the modern world of parenting. We’ve made the two ideas into one. We think that when we punish a child for doing something wrong we are installing discipline in them.

Benefits Of Reading To Kids – Why Is It Essential?

Reading has been regarded as something which is quintessential in the lives of not only adults but also kids. The internet is abuzz with reasons as to why people need to develop a culture of reading. In fact, the success of a person is largely dependent on whether they can effectively read or not.

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