My Ambitious and Spooky October TBR

My Ambitious and Spooky October TBR

Let’s chat about the books I hope to read this month!

Books mentioned: ( afflinks)
The Final Girl Support Group –
The Year of the Witching –
Misery –
The Devil of Nanking –
Annihilation –
White Smoke –
My Heart is a Chainsaw –
The Mary Shelley Club –
Vampires Never Get Old –
The Hollow Girl –

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A Great Idea for Children’s Parties

If you have ever organised a children’s party, you’ll know that it can be both expensive and stressful to plan the day – how will you keep the kids entertained and make sure no-one gets bored? How can you make your child’s party extra-special and the talk of the classroom?!

10 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables

I never gave much thought about getting my children to eat their vegetables. That was until my daughter came along. Here are a few tricks I have learned along the way trying to get her to eat her vegetables.

How Bath Time Stories Can Get Your Child In and Out of the Bath With Ease

What’s almost as bad as a child that refuses to bath? How about a child that refuses to get out of the bath! Stories are great tools to get your kiddos both into and out of the bathtub.

A Peculiar Story

A true story to motivate kids and teens and change the way they view life. Sometimes we lose ourself in the midst of tough school years and examinations, this story will teach you to be thankful of the things we already have and stop complaining.

Brushing Teeth – Early Childhood Development

There are various ways in which parents and children can turn points of contention in fun, enjoyable activities. One example of such a point is brushing teeth. Brushing teeth is extremely important in order to preserve oral hygiene. It is also an acquired habit imperative to early childhood development, and it is often difficult to induce in children who refuse to brush their teeth.

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