Manners All Children Should Have!

Manners All Children Should Have!

Come and see my video on all the basic manners all children and kids should have? Let’s give our children the heritage of good manners!

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Keeping Kids Busy With an Inflatable Play House

Bouncy castles are all the rage among youngsters and adults alike. However, the manufacturing and leasing agencies in the inflatable’s market are taping on to the biggest market- the kids- with new products every other day.

Dealing With Your Teenagers Reactions To Having Their Parent Dating

As a single parent you know that you need to put your child’s needs first. However, as adults you also know that you have needs too and one of those needs may be for adult companionship with someone of the opposite sex. However, single parent dating can have it’s difficulties especially if your child or children are teenagers and are use to having your attention all to themselves.

Organising Valentine’s Day Parties

Valentine’s Day is arguably the most romantic day of the year, and is celebrated as such among couples. Many businesses have begun to run events for Valentine’s Day, but there are also individuals who run their own event, helping to raise money for charity and bring a small community much closer together.

The Importance Of Correct Kids Backpack

Your child’s first school experience would not be complete without a great backpack. This is the reason why buying the right backpack for him or her is extremely essential. First off, you must look for a backpack that has two padded shoulder straps and a waist strap.

My Summer With Pokey

Having a baby raccoon as a pet was a great responsibility. The neighbor with the coon hounds was a threat to this pet. Keeping Pokey, the raccoon, away from those coon hounds was the greatest responsibility. This is the story of a boy’s love for his pet, and how one careless act proved disastrous.

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