How To Teach Your Child To Read- FREE Alpha-Phonics Challenge

How To Teach Your Child To Read- FREE Alpha-Phonics Challenge


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“I would like to offer a Blumenfeld’s Alpha-Phonics Challenge. I challenge any school or school district to teach Mr. Blumenfeld’s intensive phonics first method to their first-grade classes for one year and compare the students’ reading, writing, and spelling abilities with the former year, observing the following requirements:

1. No student will be required to memorize sight words (Dolch, Fry, or other).

2. Every student will learn to recite the alphabet in ABC order.

3. Every student will learn to write the alphabet from memory in ABC order legibly and speedily.

4. Every student will learn to write any letter of the alphabet from dictation in random order.

5. Every student will be taught to sound out all the words in Alpha-Phonics from lesson to lesson.

6. Every student will write all the words and sentences in Alpha-Phonics in a journal for practice

writing, reading and spelling.

7. Every student will practice reading Mr. Blumenfeld’s First Readers (decodable readers)

to develop decoding automatic and rapid word identification.

Requiring the students to listen to Mr. Potter’s Self-Tutor audio instruction is highly recommended, but not required for the Challenge. “
-Don Potter




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