How I Became a Horror Fan | Favorite Books and Movies

How I Became a Horror Fan | Favorite Books and Movies

I recount how I fell in love with the horror genre – be aware that I’m guestimating my ages for some of these books and I’m sure I’m forgetting things!

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Winter Season of Empowerment

The winter season is the most difficult for teens to achieve. However, with practice, they can learn all the steps to be empowered at this highest level. Teens in the winter season never underestimate themselves, stand up against peer pressure at all times, listen to their gut, and face negative feelings head on and move past them. There is nothing more motivating and invigorating than seeing a teen who is so certain of him/herself that she won’t allow anyone to put him/her down or tell her how to look and behave.

Fall Season of Empowerment

The fall season is when adolescents usually start respecting themselves. It is easy to see when a teen is in the fall season of empowerment. The teen exhibits assertive body language, doesn’t act passively, stops trying to please everyone, speaks up, and doesn’t lower his/her expectations.

Educational Toys – What To Look For

Children love role playing and always seem to have excess energy for various fun activities. Toys play an important role in a child’s life. Swings, slides, sandboxes, educational toys and games are part and parcel of the child’s growing process.

Peer Pressure! Helping Your Kids Deal

Few things are more important or challenging for a parent than preparing their kids to deal with peer pressure. Kids want desperately to fit in but they also have an innate sense of justice. You need to help your kids make the right decision, and here is some help from a father of six, grandfather of five more.

Playground Politics

School Dodgeball Ban: New Hampshire District Stops ‘Human Target’ Sports, Citing Bullying. Students attending Windham schools in New Hampshire won’t be dodging balls during gym class anymore. The school district voted to ban dodgeball and other “human target” sports in a recent 4-1 decision, according to multiple sources.

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