Homeschooling an Autistic Child

Homeschooling an Autistic Child

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Music of Young Children

Gone were the days that children songs would be more innocent and fun to sing. The children’s tastes nowadays are more eclectic and experimental than conventional and that is thanks to the technology that we have today.

Get Off the Computer and Get Some Fresh Air – The Link Between Technology and Social Skills in Teens

Technology definitely impacts the social skills of teens. This article presents some of the negatives and positives.

The Benefits of Having a Job in High School

Going to school and working a job while in high school requires discipline and determination. Yet, the benefits are worth the effort. This article discusses some of them.

Stranger Safety

Stranger safety is a term I’m sure you’ve heard before. As a parent, you know how important it is to protect your children. But what’s the best way to teach kids to be safe around strangers? Telling kids “Don’t talk to strangers” can be confusing to a child. Kids don’t inherently understand the word “stranger”. If you’re looking for an easy way to teach the children in your life stranger safety, I’m here to help.

Youth Camps – Are They Safe?

Take the steps to ensure that you are enrolling your son or daughter in a sound and safe youth camp. This article outlines criteria to consider. You’ll gain valuable information as well as peace of mind.

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