Homeschooling 5 Kids: First Day of School

Homeschooling 5 Kids: First Day of School

Want to see our first day of school homeschooling 5 kids?

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‘Cars’ Birthday Party Ideas

There is a lot you can do with a cars theme party. You can base it around your child’s favorite characters or part of the movies, or just do cars and trucks in general! One thing is for certain that this crowd is going to love a lot of noise and action, so lots of fun activities, as well as time for play is a must. This article gives lots of practical ideas about the cake, food, games and extras that will make this party special.

12 Android Apps That Your Kid Will Love

With the burgeoning popularity of Android smartphones, the range of efficient applications for these handsets is also expanding at a rapid pace. In the following article, some of the finest Android apps for kids have been briefly deliberated upon.

Child Beauty Pageants – How Young Is Too Young?

Beauty Pageants has been around for decades yet invokes deep discussion on the integrity of such events. Why are people so opinionated about these events? Are they not just harmless fun for all who participates? Child Pageantry is well attended so there must be benefits for everyone concern. However, how young is too young to compete?

Classic Wooden Toys for Musical Fun and Creativity

So when looking for kids toys do consider the traditional classics, particularly those that promote some active music making. They will not be one week wonders and if built to last like Plan Toys, they should give many hours of enjoyment and discovery.

Steps to Transform Your Baby’s Nursery Into Your Toddler’s Bedroom

A nursery fitted with a crib, a changing table and a dresser won’t do for your toddler. You need to understand that as your little one grows, he/she outgrows the need of the nursery. And you need to transform the nursery into a bedroom suitable for a toddler.

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