Getting Organized for the New Homeschool Year | Homeschool Tidbits

Getting Organized for the New Homeschool Year | Homeschool Tidbits

In today’s Homeschool Tidbit I’m sharing some tips and items for getting organized!

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Accelerated Learning for Kids – Understanding Today’s Child

Read to find out how to understand your child better and to help him get the best out of his learning experience. In this article we talk about how beneficial a program like accelerated learning for kids can be for your child through their education.

Computer Games For Girls

One of the most captivating games for girls, which are now available on the stores, is the Nancy Drew Captive Curse game for both PC and Mac. The success of any game is a great storyline, one which can immediately engross the imagination and the attention of the players, in this case the young girls. The Captive Curse opens with a story which says about an unspeakable horror, a monstrous creature that terrorizes the German forest surrounding Castle Finster.

Underage Drinking: What Can Be Done

Underage drinking is now rampant and its bad effects are being felt by child care authorities. Read the article on what to do with this menace and how government and parents can help in curving down this habit.

Personalized Birthday Packages – What Are They?

A great addition to birthdays is a personalized birthday package for your kids. This sort of birthday package contains a birthday letter which has your child’s name, age, the city and state they live in along with the names of two to four friends or family members. The package can contain many different things some of which might be coloring sheets, birthday poems and word finds all of which can be personalized along with stickers, pencils, small toys not to mention other things.

Group Therapy! Fix the Children

Fix the children -there is a small group of children each in attendance with one parent (per child). This group is for the children. However, all adults are required to participate also. This may seem strange to you. Read on.

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