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Teenage Rebellion: Distractions That Keep Your Kids From Doing Homework

Teenagers who do their homework on a regular basis are more likely to do well in school. Doing homework consistently in high school can also prepare one for the academic challenges of college. However, there are a number of things that can distract a teen from doing his or her homework.

Enjoy Your Youth While You Still Have It

One of the funniest and craziest things I’ve observed is a young girl trying to look old and an old lady trying to look young. I mean, come on… come to think of it. These older ladies trying to look young are the same younger people years ago who were trying to look 18 when they were 12.

Taking a Stand – Having the Courage to Do What’s Right

Horns honked, cell phones videotaped and passerby’s chuckled as one young boy pummeled the other boy’s face into the cement. A group of 4 boys encircled the two who had decided they were going to fight. The junior high student was on top of the other boy and clearly had the victory.

Exercise Your Brain With Toys

The human brain is a powerful machine. Even science cannot still fathom the workings of the mind; how it can store important memories for years and years, and how it can delete insignificant ones without being programmed. It still works even if it is resting.

Munch and the Balloon

Once upon a Munch Time, there was a cow called Munch. Today was Munch’s birthday, soon after Christmas. Munch the cow had a party with Robbie the Robin and Sally the Squirrel, and all the other cows and pigs and sheep.

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