End of Summer Book Haul

End of Summer Book Haul

In which I bought a lot of books and talk about them.

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Children’s Haircut: A Brief Introduction

Before talking about children’s haircut there is a few things that you have to keep in mind. You need to address the practical side and you also need to make sure that the child is comfortable getting their hair cut.

Perspective Changes Everything

I was talking to Chelsea a 15 year old girl a few days ago. She’s gorgeous and tall, yet she looked small sitting on my office couch. I asked her what was going on. She looked out the window and said, “Everyone hates me at school. I am completely alone.” I knew Chelsea had a vivacious personality and was well liked by everyone at school. So why did she feel this way? What I found out was one of her close friends Rachel had talked trash about Chelsea at a party. To top this off Chelsea recently broke up with a long term boyfriend.

Tips on Buying a Baby Dress

Baby clothes are cute and it is hard to decide on which baby dress to buy when you go shopping. There are so many styles available, and colors, and materials, that you have a hard time choosing just one baby dress.

Becoming a Great Parent Coach

Parents and coaches have a huge part to play in fostering and developing a successful team. What makes a great coach and how does individual performance contribute to a grand final win? A recent trip to Campbelltown sports stadium to watch a rugby grand final answered these questions.

The Tutors That Fit

A helpful guide to finding the right tutor. A summary of popular tutor websites is also provided.

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