Devotions, Crafts & Holiday Gifts in One! (KJV, from Homeschooling Mom)

Devotions, Crafts & Holiday Gifts in One! (KJV, from Homeschooling Mom)

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Brainetics: An Easy Breezy Math Journey

Mathematics is one of the most basic subjects that students encounter in their whole school lives. With that in mind, and the fact that Mathematics is practical in our everyday lives, it is an irony that many people, kids and adults, avoid this subject just as a ship veers away from the wave’s way. Fortunately, Brainetics is the solution if you want to bring back the learning drive in your children and at the same time boost their self-confidence.

Consequences and Resolution Behavior Modification

This Consequences and Resolution Box is a technique that uses a see-through box, a friendly note, and a resolution log to help with behavior modification. Thanks to a creative “pinner,” I decided to take a wonderful idea and spin it into a general behavior modification technique that I can use with my children. This new method will help them understand the consequences of their actions and give them a direct path, in writing, as to how to remedy the situation.

Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists

Every generation boasts a number of great scientists that break boundaries, prove or disprove theories and even help better the human race. So, if you’re a science teacher, or indeed, a parent, how do you inspire your children to be the part of the next generation of scientists?

Three Ways to Make Science Fun

Science, like maths, is often misunderstood, and many school children believe that learning about science is boring compared to other, more artsy, subjects. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, as science comes in many different forms and disciplines, and it can be lots of fun to learn. But if you’re a teacher, or a parent of young children, how do you convince your children that the subject is much more interesting than other people make it out to be?

A Monster or an Angel – Which Child Do You Prefer?

Thinking that children don’t really need to have moral values these days could be a recipe for disaster. Knowing what to do to insure that they are raised with Christian morals will be a major key for successful upbringing.

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