Arrrgh Booked Live Discussion: The Passengers

Arrrgh Booked Live Discussion: The Passengers

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When It Comes to Our Kids Online – Caution Is Not Cool, and That’s a Real Problem

The other day, I was speaking with an international acquaintance about our social networks and some of the challenges we have with privacy, worse, the future. Yes, I think we might all agree this is a real challenge. One thing that continues to bother me is that the Internet isn’t like that slogan from “Las Vegas” namely “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” because once you put something on a social online network – it could perhaps be there forever, living in the cloud until it might one day be used against you. Let’s talk.

5 Ways to Fight Parental Burnout

All parents know the incredible feeling of bringing a little bundle of joy into the world, but also what a handful they can be. Parental burnout is very real and affecting many people. Read this article to find out what the symptoms are and how to fight it with five simple tips.

Kids Christmas Presents For Less

What if you reach that age old situation where your budget is smaller than the kids Christmas presents you have to buy? Other than going into debt, there is something more sensible to do and that is to make simple purchases that are sure to please. May I suggest? Look for some classic kids Christmas presents that have been perennial pleasers like: board games: favorites include Monopoly, Hi Ho Cherry-Oh, Life, Trivial Pursuit; card games like Old Maid, UNO or games.

Genius Baby Gear

Genius Baby Gear is fun, reasonably priced that helps you get your baby on a bright, fun learning adventure. Their products have been around for a while and are known for their savvy approach toward teaching young growing minds. T-Shirts Once you try these bright, bold clothing items you will always want your child wearing them.

Soft Play Areas And Other Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained

If you have a toddler, you will know that they are constantly on the move, looking for new and interesting things to keep them entertained. Everything is new to a toddler, so they will be constantly filled with a sense of wonder about the things that they find around them. Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to them touching things or doing things which they are not supposed to do. Keeping a child busy and entertained can prevent it from exploring places or touching things which might not be safe for them.

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