Amazing Preschool at Home Activities! #preschoolathome #montessoripreschool

Amazing Preschool at Home Activities! #preschoolathome #montessoripreschool

Come and see some of our favorite preschool activities at home. These activities are hands on, interactive and my kids have loved them through out the years!
Come and see our typical preschool day and activities!! hands on and interactive way of doing preschool!

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Flash Card Session for Preschool:

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Parents to Colorado and Washington: “You’re Not Helping!”

One of the most popular arguments for marijuana legalization is that it’s no worse than – and perhaps safer than – alcohol, which is already legal. As parents of teenagers, we should take little comfort in that argument. There are two drugs that cause most of the world’s mental health problems, physical injuries, criminal behaviors and deaths. Those drugs are tobacco and alcohol. They’re both legal. So the old fart in me has to ask, why do we need a third? But more to the point we should be asking, why do our kids need a third?

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It is quite clear by now that entertaining children is not child’s play anymore. It takes a lot of planning, because the ways you will provide your kids with, have important impact to create on their overall upbringing.

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