@Alphablocks – Up in Space! πŸŒ“ πŸš€ πŸ‘½ | Phonics | Learn to Read

@Alphablocks - Up in Space! πŸŒ“ πŸš€ πŸ‘½ | Phonics | Learn to Read

The Alphablocks take a trip up to space, where they visit the moon and find themselves in a spaceship!

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Alphablocks is the hit CBeebies TV show that’s helping hundreds of thousands of children learn to read. The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who discover that whenever they hold hands and make a word, something magical happens.
Learn to read and spell easy, intermediate and hard words with the phonetic spelling technique designed especially for kids learning to read.

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Inflatable Service Providers Turn Full-Blown Party Personnel

The popularity of the bouncy castles has reached major proportions, and the companies are cashing in on the trend. Today, it is possible to place an order with these leasing agencies for almost everything that is required to make a get together a success, be it inflatable play structures or food and drinks.

Synaptic Plasticity – The Way We Learn

The human brain is wonderful – full of wonder. How it works is amazing. We can learn a lot by learning how we learn.

Being a Teenager Sucks!

Someone asked me about the problems teenagers have. Maybe it’s different now. Maybe teenagers have different kinds of problems. Maybe I’ve forgotten what it’s like being 17. I’m sure I have, but I can take a stab at it, can’t I?

Children’s Party Fashions – Girls’ Pampering Parties

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for your children’s party? There is a new trend for young girls and teens: pamper parties! Perfect for lovers of princesses, dressing up boxes, glitter and sparkles! You could hold your party at home or in a venue of your choice, book a trained beautician and the spa will come to you. Choose beauticians who can provide age-appropriate makeovers and manicures. There are often extra β€˜upgrade’ options like a ride in a limo (great for teenage parties and proms!) or a professional photo shoot. Make your children’s party the one all the kids are talking about!

How to Ensure the Safety of the Kids Using Bouncy Castles

Bounce houses are commonly seen in backyard parties and community fetes in the UK and in many parts of Europe and North America. Because of the springy nature of these inflatable play items, these are much loved by the kids who relentlessly jump on these castles during when their parents stay busy in elderly talk among themselves. However, if you want to make sure that the next party at your place does not turn into a catastrophe, you need to keep the safety of the kids atop your priority list. You, therefore, need to check a lot of things before your party starts, and the bounce house unit gets inflated.

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