@Alphablocks – Spooky Season πŸ‘» πŸŽƒ | Learn to Read | Phonics

@Alphablocks  - Spooky Season πŸ‘» πŸŽƒ | Learn to Read | Phonics

October is just around the corner which means it’s nearly Halloween!

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Alphablocks is the hit CBeebies TV show that’s helping hundreds of thousands of children learn to read. The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who discover that whenever they hold hands and make a word, something magical happens.
Learn to read and spell easy, intermediate and hard words with the phonetic spelling technique designed especially for kids learning to read.

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Forget Your Mistakes!

It has been said that a teacher was talking to his students. One of the kids who weren’t too happy with his behavior was pouring his heart out to the teacher saying that he can’t stop thinking about the mistakes he has made and for that reason he has lost his ability to work and study.

Back To The Basics: Exercise And Your Teen (And What You Can Do About It)

Current trends show that teens exercise less and sit more. The problem is teenage girls need exercise more than ever. Exercise gets kicked to the curb with screen time (Internet, Facebook, and TV) and demanding homework. Another reason for the decrease in exercise is the super star syndrome. This is when teens quit exercising because they feel they can’t compete with the superstar dancers or athletes.

Self Harm In Schools

When you mention the term self harm today the public normally associates it with young people, particularly school children or teenagers. Whilst self harm is prevalent amongst young people, it also might appear that it is prolific in the education system! It is important therefore, to paint an accurate picture of self harm in schools. We have the general perception, now let’s explore the issue.

Help Your Student Learn More About Economics by Creating Their Own Business

Supplement your child’s study of economics with entrepreneurship. They will learn more about economics and gain crucial life skills.

Pencils, A Common Item Important To Everyone

Pencils. Everyone across the globe has heard of them, and everyone has used them on numerous occasions. Maybe they remind you of your school days, or bring to mind grueling days at the office. Whatever the case may be, pencils are a familiar item that the world has long been in love with. The extensive history of the pencil dates all the way back to the civilizations of ancient Rome. Scribes during that time period used a thin metal rod, or stylus, to leave a light readable mark upon papyrus. There were other styluses during this time as well that were made out of lead. Although the modern pencils of today only have cores of graphite, lead is still the commonly used term for this reason. Pencils stuck through the ages as a favored writing utensil.

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