@Alphablocks – Double the Fun! | Learn to Read | Back to School | Orange Level

@Alphablocks - Double the Fun! | Learn to Read | Back to School | Orange Level

Say hello to LL, SS and FF and learn words with double letters!

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Alphablocks is the hit CBeebies TV show that’s helping hundreds of thousands of children learn to read. The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who discover that whenever they hold hands and make a word, something magical happens.
Learn to read and spell easy, intermediate and hard words with the phonetic spelling technique designed especially for kids learning to read.

0:00 Double L
0:53 Double S
2:18 Double F
2:46 All Doubles Together

#Alphablocks #LearnToRead #Phonics

Balancing Courage and Fear In Childhood

Courage and fear are twin problems of childhood. Courage is the positive voice that tells us we can do something, while fear tells us that we will fail or get hurt if we try. Without the courage to take a risk, your child cannot fully develop responsibility, cooperation, intellect, friendship, or even love. But, without fear, our children would take unnecessary risks that would result in devastating endings.

Buy Your Educational Supplies From A Dollar Store Supplier

As the end of the summer draws near, it is time to focus on getting ready to go back to school. One of the biggest things on your to do list will be shopping for the proper school supplies. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or student, you know that the cost of these supplies can really add up. It seems as if every year the list of what’s needed gets longer and longer. There is one way, however, to get all of these that you need for a very low price… order them from a dollar store supplier. Ordering your educational supplies in this manner is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get ready for the new school year.

Homeschooling Physical Education and Fine Arts

Homeschool high school students who plan to apply to college need to make sure they complete the required subjects during their high school years. Although these vary somewhat from college to college, most colleges have similar standards. In addition to the core courses, most schools require applicants to have 2 years of physical education and 1 year of fine arts.

Boarding Schools: Lessons Learned or Bitterness Harbored?

Students who come from boarding schools more than likely fall into two categories: those who cherish and live by the lessons they have learned or those who reject the lessons learned and resent being sent there in the first place. Now more than ever, ex-students are speaking out against these schools through social media, publications, and even documentaries.

5 Rules to Choose the Perfect Playthings for Your Child

Imagine you are out shopping for your baby and you have no clue what to pick, and what not to pick, when you face the toy store aisles. Parents often respond to the situation in a straightforward manner, they buy the basics and also a few pieces of the educational and the high-tech that fascinates you. Well, to start with, a toy for a child is a tool to aid intelligence and boost creativity.

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