3 Ways You Unknowingly Destroy Your Kid’s Confidence

3 Ways You Unknowingly Destroy Your Kid's Confidence


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Young Black Girls in Inner City Tops Highest Numbers for Poor Sexual Health

This information that I now share with you has been given to me solicitously and without direct sight of written confirmation. However, the frequency of this information and the differing sources put together does give some level of power of its own.

Dos and Don’ts of Potty Training Your Child

Parents would agree that toilet training their children is important and yet many are unsure what the right age is for staring the training. To begin with there is no specific right age for the same. Not all kids are same and therefore, the right age for toilet training will also vary.

The Most Difficult Part of Parenting: Discipline

Having a difficult time managing your child’s behavior? Have you tried a variety of methods but none of them seem to work effectively? Myriad techniques exist to help you monitor and manage your child at home, but based on my experience working with a number of children and their families, honing in on some evidence-based methods is most effective.

Disposable Vs Cloth Nappies: Which Is Your Better Option?

Earlier there were only cloth nappies and then disposable and pre-loved nappies overtook the market. But since the last decade cloth nappies are again making an inroad to the market. Though disposable nappies are still widely popular but more and more parents are now inclined towards using cloth nappies for certain benefits over the other. These are more economic and at the same time reduce chances of nappy rashes in babies.

Are You Buying the Right Nappy for Your Baby?

For many parents this may sound like an absurd question but, are you really using the right kind of nappy for your baby? Today the market is fully loaded with varieties of nappies – from traditional cotton nappies to disposable ones, and also reusable nappies are available.

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