2 Do’s and Don’t of Running Your Home Like a Business

2 Do's and Don't of Running Your Home Like a Business

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Young Teens Can Be Taught To Save A Life

Think back to when you babysat, had to stay home alone or watch a younger family member. Were you always sure what to do? Young teens in these situations need to know how to provide safe child care, as well as take care of themselves. And it’s something they’re more than capable of learning.

How to Cure Bullying

Do you know the cure for bullying? In order to find a cure we have to know the cause and the symptoms. Part 1 of How to Cure Bullying discusses the causes of bullying and the symptoms we need to watch for…

Tips For Planning Successful Backyard Party Games

Making sure that you have entertaining backyard games can be quite a challenge. You have to be able to think of a game that will keep your guests interested. The first thing that you have to consider is the game itself.

Explaining What Happened on 9/11 To Your Kids

The catastrophic events that changed the world, 9/11 is a difficult topic of discussion for any parent. How do you explain what happened that fateful day to your children?

Charming Slides for the Garden

Slides are great playthings as far as boys and girls are concerned; they should be made available in every outdoor space such as playgrounds and school gardens. Any home with a garden space can have a slide. There are many types of slides for the garden.

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